Thursday, August 13, 2015

Montreal mayor unexpectedly finds his balls

Check this out! There's Milquetoast Coderre giving quite an impressive middle finger to the unctuous twat Deepak Chopra, the Canada Post boss who claimed that seniors pleaded with him to end home mail delivery.

How assholes like Chopra make it to the top in the civil service bureaucracy is a complete mystery. Maybe he's a regular at Big Steve's church.

On the other hand, what a pleasure it is to find that the most recent Montreal mayor actually owns a pair. If you follow Montreal politics at all you'll know they've been through a number of sad-sack mayors who have all campaigned on "reform," which in Montreal apparently means prying the fingers of certain Italian-Canadian entrepreneurial families off the levers of municipal government.

The reform will go great for a few months and then, oopsie, the reformer is outed in a CBC undercover investigation, surreptitiously stuffing wads of hundred dollar bills in his socks at an Italian bistro...  

Game over!

On to the next reformer...

Maybe Denis Coderre is the real deal.

Anybody who can stand up to the Harper gang won't have any problems with the Mafia.

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