Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bwana knows best

My Globe and Mail has this patronizing twaddle on view for my edification today.

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act was a typical bit of Harperite mischief-making. Slyly exploiting stereotypes dear to Harper's base, it promised to bring transparency to the no-doubt dubious financial dealings of native leaders.

According to the Globe, "anomalies started turning up... arrangements that in many cases had never before been made public and were surprising and puzzling to the members of those communities themselves. Those revelations proved the FNFTA's worth."

Yes, out of almost 600 bands that have reported, a small handful of anomalies did show up. But overall, I'd say that our native brothers and sisters have a track record far better than Harper's senate appointments.

And how's this for egregious self-righteousness; "The governed always need to know what the governors are up to."


Whoever wrote that must not be following the Mike Duffy shit show that's been unfolding in Ottawa. The crew that foisted "transparency" on Canada's native communities obviously doesn't believe in it for themselves... maybe that's because unlike Indians, those white chiefs in Ottawa can be trusted.

Or not.

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