Saturday, August 22, 2015

Journalism is... dead

In a jolly PR campaign that you've probably seen by now, Ontario's major journalism schools and the media conglomerates that have been axing thousands of journalist positions have come together to convince the public that the profession has a future.

Not only that, but professional journalists are vital to our being informed and engaged citizens. Regular news consumers will find that a dubious proposition.

I suspect that the real driving force behind this campaign is the J-schools' fear that the realities of journalism as a profession are eroding the supply of bright-eyed young keeners willing to shell out big bucks to get the credentials for non-existent careers. For the vast majority of J-school grads, their careers will end with their unpaid internships.

Fortunately, they will be qualified for many other careers with their journalism degrees, especially if their internship experience included pouring coffee.

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