Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tiger Woods up against Jew at Wyndham

We're big Jason Gore fans in this house. That's because Jason's grandparents came out of the same shithole shtettl in Poland that the Farm Manager's grandparents came from. Not only that, but those grandparents were siblings!

Yup, the Farm Manager is second cousins with PGA regular Jason Gore.

Mind you, Jason has kinda kept his distance since he hit the bigs. Used to visit Uncle Henry in Toronto from time to time, but since Uncle Henry passed, that's over.

And just the other day we found out that Jason has embraced the cult of Jesus...

That might explain some things too.

But nevermind. We're 100% behind you, Jason! Don't let Woods make his comeback at your expense!

And by the way, we've got Uncle Henry's hall carpet runner in our upstairs hall right now... Uncle Henry's spirit lives on at Falling Downs.

Drop by any time. And by the way, Cobble Beach is a mere five minutes away.

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