Friday, August 28, 2015

Economist finds insights in ignorance

For a practitioner of the dismal science, Todd Hirsch is a remarkably upbeat guy.

Todd's latest ruminations can be found on page B2 of Canada's national newspaper of record today, where he somberly reflects on what it might possibly mean for an economist to admit that he doesn't have the answers.

This soul searching is apparently the result of his having moderated a shindig of sociologists, environmentalists, and urban-planning types called "What Comes After Oil?"

Well Todd, no wonder your head is spinning, hanging with a crowd like that!

Every proper Albertan knows what comes after oil; Armageddon, that's what! There is no such thing as "after oil" in Alberta...

Mind you, they just elected a gang of rabid socialists out there, so I could be wrong...

Anyway, Todd acknowledges that accepting ambiguity is hard for economists. He's afraid it might make him look "silly or irrelevant."

Dude, it's way too late to worry about that! Just go with it!

"... we have to eventually be honest and say, we just don't know. Once we take the plunge and admit this, we might be surprised at the new insights we can achieve."

Atta boy, Todd! That's the spirit... into the great unknown!

And please don't be shy about sharing those new insights!

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