Thursday, August 13, 2015

Waco's gross miscarriage of justice continues reports that the eagerly anticipated autopsies of the nine victims in last May's Twin Peaks biker ambush have been released.

But there's a catch. These autopsies have been eagerly anticipated soley because they were expected to inform the public as to how many of the bikers were actually gunned down by law enforcement. That's because Waco PD spokesman Patrick Swanton's various public ruminations defied all credibility. It was immediately obvious that somebody had something to hide.

Well, guess what?.. they're still hiding it! We all knew those nine men died of bullet wounds; we want to know who fired the bullets! So the autopsies come out and we're told they died of bullet wounds.

This is becoming more than a mere miscarriage of justice...

It's an abortion of justice!

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