Sunday, August 23, 2015

Royal Canadian Navy spends $150,000 per day to rent foreign supply ship

Apparently that's because the new Canadian supply ships that the politicians have been promising since 2004 remain on the drawing board.

And that's because the Harper gang believes in getting the most bang for the taxpayers dollar. They have long concluded that they get the most bang with the announcement of a new shipbuilding project. That's why the Harper years have been one continuous smorgasbord of ship-building announcements. The new supply ships, the new ice-breakers, the new coastal patrol vessels; all have been repeatedly announced.

Many have even been named!

None have been built!

Because actually building the ships that the Harper gang keeps announcing would cost way more than simply announcing them. The bang for the buck quotient goes right down the shitter.

So don't think of the pitiful state of the Royal Canadian Navy as a Harper fail; see it instead as evidence of shrewd stewardship of hard-working Canadians' tax dollars.

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