Thursday, August 13, 2015

If you're an American who cares about your constitution and your freedom, you need to dial into the Aging Rebel

This blog is the go-to source for info on that mysterious "biker shoot-out" in Waco a few months ago.

Ya, you remember what happened. Sgt Swanton went out of his way to explain it to you...

Out of town bikers converged on Waco to do battle.

Because that's what bikers do.

They have gun battles in sleepy small towns... what, you never watched Sons of Anarchy?

But that's what they do.

The "Aging Rebel" seems to have some legit cred among folks involved in biker culture.

And there's never any reluctance to call "bullshit" when bullshit needs to be called.

Well worth a look.

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