Saturday, August 29, 2015

About that Islamic tsunami washing over Europe

I see where some of the more weak-kneed European pundits are hitting the panic button re the recent escalation of "migrants," "refugees," whatever...

They're flooding in from Libya, from Syria, from Iraq, from Afghanistan.

They spell the imminent end of Western civilization, that smug cohort of mostly white, mostly Christian societies that the think tank at Falling Downs generally refers to as "the Nations of Virtue."

Who wrecked Libya? The Nations of Virtue.

Who wrecked Iraq? The Nations of Virtue.

Who wrecked Afghanistan? The Nations of Virtue.

Who's been busy wrecking Syria for the past four years? The Nations of Virtue and their minions in the region.

I'm just sorry those refugee-migrants can't wash up on the shores of the mother ship.

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