Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Congratulations, Mr. Trump

We're not Trumpers here at the Falling Downs think tank. But we like him because it's been a lot of fun watching a dyed in the wool Manhattan liberal hi-jack the Grand Old Party.

We were one of the first sites anywhere to draw the parallels between President Mountain Dew Comacho and Trump. We obviously underestimated the guy. That started to change when we watched him demolish all those establishment stiffs with their hundred-million-dollar war chests.

In terms of substance, nobody knows where Trump will land on any particular agenda item, because he's made statements on virtually every conceivable issue that are 180 degrees apart. I mean, it's gonna be tough to be both Israel's best buddy and a fair interlocutor in the "Middle East Peace Process," (which expression has been an oxymoron since at least the Oslo Accords) and that's just one example.

So, with Trump, it's wait and see.

With Clinton, we know exactly what we're getting.

That's why Trump is the only candidate who offers any viable hope for the future of America.

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