Friday, July 15, 2016

Did Obama just stab BFF Erdogan in the back?

There were stories floating about in the past few days about how Erdogan's government was going to try to mend fences with Assad.

Insofar as there was any truth to that, (and the denials were immediate and multifold) Erdogan would be biting the hand that feeds him; his American paymasters, his NATO overlords; the folks who decided years ago that Assad must go.

And let's not forget that Erdogan has not been seeing eye to eye on the Kurdish question.

Is that why it is Erdogan, and not Assad, who is going today?

And let's not forget, he's not gone yet. Erdogan didn't fake those election victories. He has a massive popular base. They will see this coup attempt as a US plot to replace Erdogan with someone more pliable.

Will Erdogan hop on a helicopter and fly to asylum in... Saudi Arabia? Germany? Russia?

Probably not. I think he knows he has a support base that can delay this regime change that's been orchestrated by his NATO bosses.

That could mean civil war in Turkey.

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