Monday, July 25, 2016

Shit show in South Philly

Good to see the Democratic Party coming together like that, ain't it?

The aging charlatan from Vermont succeeds in pied piping the biggest influx of youthful idealists to the Party since JFK, only to stab them in the back at the eleventh hour! And didn't Sarah Silverman do a great job of putting the whiny ingrates in their place? Let them pout and protest in the streets with their fellow travellers of BLM, while the grown-ups stay in the room and fawn over Hillary.

But OMG, who knew that Hillary had such a long and rich history of good deeds? She's done more good deeds than Mother Teresa herself, that gal has! That must be why the who's who of the GOP warhawk faction have been abandoning ship and falling in behind her... Armitage, Scowcroft, Kagan... they're scared to death Trump might put the bombs in his bombast, so they're scurrying for the skirts of the Beltway's greatest humanitarian of all time?

Ya right.

What's been truly telling in the news coverage over the past couple of days is how effective the damage control has been around the disastrous Wikileaks email dump on the weekend. As you tour the mainstream news sites you find virtually no discussion of, let alone outrage over, the egregious corruption at the highest levels of the Dem machine revealed in those emails. Instead, there's a tsunami of bullshit about Putin being behind the hack.


American democracy; truly the greatest show on earth!

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