Sunday, July 31, 2016

NYT: Donald Trump invented lying

Or if he didn't, at least he introduced lying to politics. I'm not making that up! I know I make up a lot of stupid shit, but that effort is the work of the New York Times' own Roger Cohen.

Check out Cohen's ruminations in the essay titled Trump and the End of Truth. Apparently there was a brief interlude of peace after 1945. Yup, we witnessed the creation of a "rules-based world order." It was  a veritable golden age of peace and security for humanity!

And that golden age lasted right up until 2014. "It's end was signalled in 2014 by the Russian President Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea, which ripped to shreds the territorial integrity of Ukraine..."

Almost 70 years of a peaceful world order, when the peoples of the world lived in harmony and war was a fading memory, till Bad Vlad wrecked everything with his (peaceful) annexation of Crimea!

How fucking retarded would you have to be to buy into this shit?

Sure, 1945 - 2014 was an age of peace... except where it wasn't: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia, Cambodia, El Salvador, Grenada, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Libya, Nicaragua, Palestine, Panama, Viet Nam, Zaire, to name but a few. How did the "rules-based world order" work out for folks in those countries? Not so great for the millions of people on the other end of the bombs and bullets generously provided to the global network of despots and dictators who were, 1945 - 2014, proud to call America their friend, ally, and sponsor.

Cohen likes to lard up his opinion spots with gratuitous literary references. True to form, we meet Tolstoy and Orwell in this effort, both of whom would be aghast to read the disingenuous drivel Cohen has tried to dignify by garlanding it with their names.

But this is all in the interest of setting the stage for you-know-who; "Enter Putin's pal, Donald Trump..."

Now, when a blog like this, which on a good day may have a few hundred page views, uses the expression "Putin's pal," I assume most readers are already in on the fact that they're reading satire. When hundreds of thousands read the same expression in something with the gravitas of the NYT's opinion page, it's just a sly way of reinforcing that extremely dubious Putin - Trump link that the Clinton camp has been eager to plant in the minds of the public.

Putin bad, Trump respects Putin, therefore Trump = bad. Maybe even authoritarian... maybe even, wait for it... sure enough, the F word makes its appearance!

Fascism is just around the corner, and if America fails to make Hillary the next POTUS, well, OMG, you can't say Roger Cohen didn't warn you.

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