Thursday, July 28, 2016

General John Allen (retired) takes crap in "love trumps hate" celebratory punch bowl at DNC

Things have been a little tense around Falling Downs the last couple weeks. The Farm Manager insists on watching the conventions on CBSN, aka "the HRC network."

She's largely fallen for the mewling pro-Hillary propaganda that CBS has smothered us with this week.

So thank God for General John Allen!

Suddenly all that "indispensable nation" shit seemed to roust her out of her stupor.

Yup, General John showed us why all those PNAC types have been defecting from the GOP to the Hillary camp. If you wanna make sure that America remains the most indispensable and most special and most powerful nation in the family of nations, you gotta vote for Hillary!

Gotta go... Chelsea Clinton is making her speech...

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