Saturday, July 30, 2016

The closed loop of the military-industrial-media complex

That pre-DNC dump of hacked emails should have been a game changer. After all, those hacked emails removed all doubt about whether or not the Clinton camp resorted to skankery and slime to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Of course they did!

So what was the fallout in America's mainstream news sites? Did they say anything at all about the skankery and slime?

Nope. Instead, mainstream screens were overflowing with speculation about how Putin engineered the hack to help his good buddy Trump.

That story originated with Hillary campaign guru the Mookster, and by God, it was a stroke of genius! This little episode is gonna be a case study in Polysci classes for decades. Beautiful work, Mook!

You succeeded in taking the eyeballs of the electorate off your corrupt candidate, who the emails reveal as doing dirty by Bernie, and making the discussion about Trump's cosy and totally imaginary relationship with the evil dictator Putin!

Alas, there are some major challenges ahead for the ABCNBCCBS wankers who truly believe re-cycling press releases equals news reporting.

First of all, it looks like America's formerly reliable bum-boy Erdogan has gone completely off leash. As of right now, he's holding hostage a number of American nuclear weapons, variously reported as anywhere from 50 to 90.

He's also holding hostage hundreds of US troops who are supposedly guarding those nukes at a Turkish air base.

The Turkey situation right now is the biggest crisis of US foreign policy since the Cuban missile crisis. What is the media establishment telling you about it?


But they've got lots of theories about Putin's support for Trump.

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