Thursday, July 21, 2016

Smug CBC journos still think Trump is the problem

Trump is not the problem.

He's probably not the solution, either.

He's a symptom.

Here's CBC stalwart Terry Milewski marvelling that our new PM has managed to keep his cool while vile Trump has been bad-mouthing both NAFTA and NATO.

Sorry. As much as I want to like Trudeau and want to dislike the Manhattan condo pitch-man, I don't see the issue here. It's high time somebody bad-mouthed both NAFTA and NATO.

Too bad that bad-mouthing has never come from anyone in the Canadian political or media firmament.

In Canada, the political elite and their media sycophants don't need to tell you that NAFTA has been nothing but good for you, because they've spent 25 years telling you that already, so they assume you know.

And questioning NATO is of course far beyond the pale, because after all, NATO is our last line of defence against Putin's aggression. Everybody in Canada knows this, because every Canadian media platform has been telling us forever.

Sorry. I'm one of the heretics who thinks that when you stack up "Putin's aggression" against US/NATO aggression over the past quarter century or so, it's more than obvious who has been the aggressor.

How refreshing that a US presidential candidate would want to visit that reality.

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