Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to shut down the Towelheads 'o Terror

It was more than a little discomforting to hear Mr. Hollande, he of the spurs etc, not to mention the really expensive haircuts, promise to avenge the Nice travesty by ramping up the bombing of Iraq and Syria.

Apparently there's a lot of folks in our leadership circles here in the Nations of Virtue who fail to connect cause and effect.

As vile as the Nice attack was, you have to admit that a terror attack in Libya or Iraq or Afghanistan that killed a hundred people would not so much as raise an eyebrow here in the Nations of Virtue.

That's because white lives matter so much more, regardless of how much brown or even black lives matter.

So here's a thought; perhaps, if we in the virtuous West are serious about combating "terror," we begin by stopping our terrorising the Islamic nations.

All of them.


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