Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This is journalism?

Kevin O'Leary is a moron.

But he's a moron who is very well paid for playing a successful investor on TV. Because he's a moron who understands the ins and outs of celebrity culture, he has managed to build a facade of credibility around his imaginary financial acumen.

Kevin had a great run of luck back in the '80's, when the digital era was in its infancy. A top notch flim-flam artist could go a long way on very little other than flim-flam back in the day, and there is no doubt that Kevin has always been a really great salesman.

In fact, if I were selling air conditioners in the Arctic, I'd want Kevin to head up my sales team.

But, there's the world 'o sales and flim-flam and reality TV... and then there's the real world.

The Globe and Mail, Canada's newspaper of record, ostensibly operates in the real world. Today they've got a fawning story about Kevin on A3. Yup, a mere three pages in we've got a third of a page dedicated to Kevin thinking out loud.

Unpaid intern Laura Stone has never before been this close to the front page, so I imagine she is thrilled. It's not clear from the story if she actually talked to Kevin or if she relied on press releases from his PR firm. In any event, Kevin is boldly staking his claim to the front ranks of the Conservative Party leadership battle... on the basis of exactly nothing other than his thinking out loud.

And what a sad indictment of Canadian news media that is.

The Globe reports that the mighty O'Leary has summoned Tony Clement to his Muskoka cottage to discuss the future of the Dominion and maybe have a guitar jam. What the fuck? Check it out on A3 of today's paper, folks.

I couldn't believe it either!... he is just like the Godfather; he "invites" those leadership wannabees to his dock where maybe he's gonna make an offer they can't refuse, or maybe they're just gonna sit on the dock and play their guitars, because that's how we do politics in Canada?

We're treated to this level of imbecility by page three? Does no one appreciate the fact that I paid three dollars and fifteen cents to read this newspaper?

The more you dig into Kevin's alleged business prowess the more you wonder why he is not in jail. Here's a brief synopsis of O'Leary's business career.

I'm guessing Laura Stone didn't dig that far and just wrote her story around Kevin's latest press release.

That's journalism in the modern era.

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