Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Constipated Russian internet finally unblocked!

Great! Those folks will be able to read my shit again!

Historically, Russia was for a long time the third biggest audience for this blog, after the USA and Canada. Six months ago there were a cumulative 40,000 plus page views from Russia. Ya, it's not NYT numbers, but not too shabby for a pot-addled hillbilly in Bruce County.

And then, nothing. As in I might get one page view from Russia every three weeks. Obviously somebody somewhere flipped a switch.

But why? I mean, we might take an occasional jab at Bad Vlad, but by and large we're pretty Putin friendly around here.  After all, he's the single most important road-block to the beltway wet-dream of a uni-polar world in perpetuity, and that's worth supporting.

I figure it must have been incompetent translators who missed the sarcasm and irony...

Anyway, welcome back, my Russian friends!

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