Friday, July 15, 2016

Wily Erdogan dodges bullet. This time.

Judging from the latest news reports, the coup in Turkey has become the non-coup, and the folks who had the balls to pull the plug on their master of ceremonies are gonna have their plugs pulled instead. Or more likely their balls. As in pulled right out of their bags by the Turkish security services.

They don't fuck around in Turkey, as you'll know if you remember watching Midnight Express.

That can only mean one thing. The REAL masters of ceremonies in Washington are still backing the wily Erdogan. Yup, for all his conniving and two-timing and back-stabbing, Mr. Erdogan still has the Beltway brain-trust covering his back.

That's a bit of a brain-fuck for amateur Kissingers like me. I mean, Erdogan has pretty much poked every ally he has ever had in the eye, and he carries on like nothing ever happened? How the hell does that work?

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