Monday, July 18, 2016

Paul Ryan's "white selfie" proves that America is a cesspool of racism

Well, what do you expect from a guy who has, ever so reluctantly, endorsed Donald Trump?

paul ryan selfie

Yup, there's happy Paul and a whole lotta happy white folks!

Which just proves yet again that the entire edifice of GOP politics is racist to the core.

Which kinda makes you wonder about images like this one;

Ya, I know, it's hard to reconcile this photo of Reverend Al and Mr. Trump yucking it up after the Hillary camp has exposed Trump as the most racist racist of all time.

Honestly, Reverend Al, what were you thinking?...

But as a Canadian, I would caution my fellow Canadians to not get too smug. We too have allowed systemic racism to taint our smug and self-contented little universe of diversity and equality.

Take this outrage for example. Back in 2014, one of Canada's top schools dispensed honorary degrees to ten super-high achievers. Oddly enough, every one was a white male!

And let's not forget the front page feature in the Globe and Mail last year wherein we learned that the primary movers and shakers in the West Coast tech scene where all..... white males!

So maybe it's not Cruz but Ryan who is the secret Canadian?

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