Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bare boobs greet Berlusconi at protest

This strategy seems unlikely  to make the desired impression on Prime Minister "Bunga Bunga," at least when the bare breasts belong to young hotties. Silvio Berlusconi has seen more naked young women than any politician in the world with the possible exception of Bill Clinton.

This protest group needs to find a few older gals who have fought the forces of time and gravity for fifty years. Let a few raging grannies flash their sagging bosoms. That would shake up the old lecher.

As for "Basta Berlusconi," I'd certainly agree they've had more than enough, but anybody on the ticket who would turn away from the fraudulent austerity agenda that has been foisted on the country by the previous IMF stooge would get my vote.

By the way, looking at those pictures from the Mail Online, just how many big he-man cops does it take to subdue a 100 pound woman?

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