Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Those mysterious internet policemen

A couple of hours ago I posted a blog about Jimmy Saville introducing the Rolling Stones on British TV in 1964. The post linked to an article at The Guardian in which the video was embedded.

I offered absolutely no editorializing about Mr. Saville and his posthumous legal issues. My only comment was on Brian Jones' great harmonica work.

That blog post had nine looks in the first couple of minutes and hasn't had any since. Usually that kind of first love translates into a bit of a spike in readership.

Somebody obviously stepped on it.

While I realize that the Rolling Stones Inc. legal department are notoriously litigious, I find it hard to believe they would deploy their resources in such an overbearing manner that they could squelch any mention of a Stones-Saville connection, no matter how innocent, within minutes.

Who else could it be?

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