Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leni Riefenstahl gets posthumous lifetime achievement Oscar

Ya, I just made that up, but she should.

After all, she has been an inspiration to a generation of American propaganda makers.

Leni would be more than proud of the folks who made Lincoln, Zero-dark-thirty, and Argo.

All of whom are propagandists in the finest Third Reich tradition.

As propagandists for the Fourth Reich, all of them are in debt to Leni.

As was the case in Leni's time, there is plenty to sweep under the rug in the Fourth Reich. How the richest country in the world has third world infant mortality rates among its minority populations, and all that other anti-American shit that only communist bloggers like me deign to dredge up.

Let's not go there.

Let's glorify Lincoln, who freed the slaves and made black Americans equal to white Americans. Almost 150 years later black Americans are more likely to go to jail than go to college. Black CEO's are non-existant except in niche sectors of the entertainment economy. Yessirree, there is a supposedly black dude in the White House, and he's got the yassa massa gig down better than any of his white predecessors in his relationship with Wall Street.

Let's glorify Argo. Those crazed towelheads are one bunch of wacked-out dudes, are they not? What is it about their crazy religion that makes them hate us so much?

Let's glorify Zero-dark-thirty. Yes, after years of having those towellers stick their fingers in our eye for no reason whatsoever, we finally unleashed a SEAL team on them. Took out the top towelhead just like that. Mind you, we had to torture a bunch of folks to get there, but it's not really torture when you're inflicting pain on lesser humans.

Leni wouldn't just be proud; she'd be in awe.

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