Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pope Benedict; what did he blow and when did he blow it?

I was baptized into the Christian faith at a Lutheran orphanage on the banks of the River Rhine in 1955.

With both of my parents in attendance.

It was fundamental to Luther's anti-papist propaganda that all adherents of the papist cult were destined for the flames of hell.

And while I have long ago abandoned the more abhorrent strictures of my creed, the travails of this Pope still evoke a whiff of schadenfreude.

At the same time, I think it's way too early to pass judgement on what has caused the first resignation of a sitting pontiff in 600 years.

A black-mailed and/or black-mailing gay sub-culture within the Vatican seems a little too glib an explanation. That's a long-standing reality of Vatican politics and has never before caused a papal resignation, so why now?

But pile that on top of the never-ending abuse scandals involving priests around the world, and the never-ending financial scandals, and the never-ending cover-ups of both the above... maybe Pope Benedict has just had enough.

Let him live out his life in peace.

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