Monday, February 25, 2013

Big Steve's pogie police are coming for YOU!!

Ya, you know who you are, you malingerers and shirkers you. Construction workers laid off for a few months in the winter. Fishermen. Folks who just got "downsized."

Big Steve is on to you.

You think just because you pay into this "employment insurance plan" they call EI, you should be paid out when you're unemployed?

Ha! Is the joke ever on you my friend!

For generations federal governments have used EI, or UI as it was formerly known, as a cash cow to fluff up general revenues. Instead of using the workers' money to retrain and support workers, it's just a profit centre.

Now it comes out that Service Canada investigators are going to be coming round to see if you're sitting on the couch with a beer in your hand when you're supposedly out looking for work. Not only that, but every investigator is expected to find $485 thousand in "fraud," ie you sitting on the couch with a beer in your hand.

Surely there must be a McDonalds or a Timmies within an hour's drive of your apartment where you could get a minimum wage job instead of being a drain on that "insurance plan" you've been paying into your entire working life.

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