Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mali army "poorly trained"... by US, Canada, France and Germany

Here you go, five paragraphs from the bottom. The Nations of Virtue have had their thumbs in the pudding all along.

(And for those sticklers for detail who will e-mail me that the link does not refer to Canadian training, this is for you.)

Which brings me to a matter oft discussed here at Falling Downs. Why would anybody hire the Nations of Virtue to train their armed forces?

When is the last time the west won a military conflict of any significance? I'm thinking that would have to be Operation Urgent Fury, Reagan's rout of alleged commies in Grenada back in '83, and I will let the reader decide for themselves the "significance" of that victory.

The reality is that time and again the most modern best equipped over-priced militaries in the world are worn down and run out of town by guys with WWll era Kalashnikovs and home made bombs.

Those are the guys you want training your army.

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