Thursday, October 24, 2013

al Qaeda declares autonomous state in east Libya

Eastern Libya, where anti-Tripoli sentiment has always been a strong undercurrent, was a focal point of anti-Gaddafi resistance. It's also where al Qaeda found many eager recruits willing to wage jihad in Iraq, and more recently in Syria.

An independent state in the oil-rich east of Libya makes a lot of sense. Oil traditionally bestows international legitimacy on murderous despots around the world. You can bet that Kissinger Associates and Tony Blair are putting out feelers even as I write these words.

Once we've got this Abd-Rabbo chap in our pocket, the rest is easy. Re-branding al Qaeda as America-loving freedom fighters is the next logical step. After all, by getting rid of their most ruthless enemies, Saddam and Gaddafi, we made it possible for them to survive and thrive.

A country of their own is the least we can provide for these folks. Sure, there's bound to be some grumbling from people who can't let go of 911 and all that, but reasonable people are always prepared to let bygones be bygones.

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