Monday, October 7, 2013

Top Montreal cop linked to Hells Angels

Here's a juicy story!

Top Montreal anti-biker-gang cop busted for supposed links to the Hells Angels.

I'm a little leery about how this story is being spun. Biker gangs are just next to terrorists in the popular mythology that underpins the War on Terror.

It's a continuation of that war-on-drugs segues into the war-on-terror propaganda that's been pushed for a few years now. The great HMSC Toronto, which I personally built, made a major drug bust a few days ago.

By the way, when I say "I" built the HMCS Toronto, I'd also like to thank the thousand or so guys who helped.

That was a good gig, eh?

But anyway, we now see the complete harmonization of the two great wars of our era.



This story seeks to glamorize and magnify the power of these "outlaw" biker gangs

We are led to believe that the Hells Angels are such a bad bunch of almost-terrorists that Benoit Roberge was obviously guilty of something really bad just because he talked to Rene Charlebois.

We really need to have more information before we rush to judgement.

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