Thursday, October 3, 2013

NATO General behind F-35 propaganda offensive

Let. General Charles Bouchard isn't wasting any time earning his paycheque at his new job.

Only a week after the recently retired General announced that he had joined Lockheed Martin as head of Canadian operations, Canadian media are inundated with variations on this theme: if Canada doesn't go through with the purchase of 65 F-35 strike fighters, then Canadian businesses stand to lose 10 billion or more in F-35 contracts! Not only that, but the cost per plane has just been dropping like crazy, to the point where the entire Canadian purchase will now be done for less than half of what those benefits to Canadian industry are!


The incredible Lockheed Martin F-35 money & jobs generator gives back two dollars for every dollar you put in!

Unfortunately, that latest price of 75 million being quoted is about half of what critics like Winslow Wheeler are projecting in their latest estimates.

Back when he was leading NATO's air war on Libya I often got the impression Bouchard was uncomfortable with some of the more egregious bullshit that he had to speak into the microphones at his daily briefings to the press.

Maybe he's become more comfortable with shovelling propaganda.

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