Monday, October 21, 2013

AlJazeera suggests Kenya troops looted Westgate

A pertinent question might be why Al Jazeera is three weeks late to a story that was widely circulating at the time.

Possibly because Al Jazeera trys so far as possible to paint US allies in Africa in a sympathetic light, and in these dark days Kenya is one of America's besties on the dark continent. That would explain the fantastical scenarious sketched for us in the early hours of the "seige", when we were led to believe that a large number of Shabaab armed with heavy weapons had taken up positions inside the mall.

If you recall, a battalion of Kenyan commandos, backed up by an elite IDF unit that just happened to be shopping at the mall that day, were waiting to fight to the last man to restore the rule of law.

Reality has since set in. The fog, if not of war, at least of a good mall siege, continues to obscure what really happened at Westgate, but it now appears that the four or possibly five evil-doers, armed with nothing more than AK-47s, were probably dispatched in the early hours of the counter-attack, or slipped out among the "hostages".

The next four days were about "mopping up".... watches, jewellery, cellphones...

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