Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NATO sends military "advisers" to Libya

Because apparently the wogs have no clue how to manage their oil... er, their country.

Two years after the dispatch of the Monster of the Maghreb and it's patently obvious that Libya is a failed state. That of course is neither here nor there to the Nations of Virtue who orchestrated the Libyan "regime change." What gets their attention is the fact that the much ballyhooed "reconstruction" that British, French, and American conglomerates were salivating over even as we were bombing the place to ratshit has yet to begin.

Not only that, but that gusher of oil money coming out of the ground has slowed to a trickle as the Libyans steer their ship of state head-on into the rocky shoals of anarchy.

So, it's NATO to the rescue, again!

Hmm... security advisers... I still remember when the US was sending security advisers to Viet Nam in the early sixties...

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