Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Leafs management finally gives former coach a vote of confidence - nine months after they fired him!

Brian Burke took a fair bit of abuse during his tenure as Leafs GM, and rightfully so. His ham-handed "rebuilding" was going nowhere year after year, and nothing focused the Burkie-bashers more than the infamous Kessel deal.

So imagine my chagrin when the management team vindicated the former GM by signing Kessel to a 64 million dollar contract extension!

To be honest, when I first heard Kessel had signed for eight years at eight million, I thought, well, they finally realize what he's worth, but it's odd to sign a million a year guy to an eight year contract.

Boy, was I ever wrong! Little did I realize they were talking eight millions per year!

Unfortunately, this is a good-news bad-news story. It's all good for Kessel.

It's all bad for Leafs Nation. Now we know for sure that the new crew in the front office knows even less about building a winner than Burkie does.

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