Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Canadian way

Canada is a champion of human rights. We like to take credit for the "R2P" initiative, which critics claim is nothing more than a fig leaf intended to cloak old-school imperialistic adventures.

The internal contradictions in a society that is at once a leader among the self-righteous and a leading proponent of far-right tough-on-crime conservatism leak out from time to time, and here's a timely bit of leakage;

These Benhmuda folks were from Libya, trying to get into Canada as refugees. Nosiree, we weren't falling for that guff. We sent them back to Libya, where Pere Benhmuda was subsequently imprisoned and tortured.

This unfortunate consequence of the weasly Canadian decision to deport the family caused the bleeding hearts at Immigration to reconsider their decision, and they came to the conclusion that perhaps, since Pere Benhmudi was imprisoned and tortured on his return to his native land, their original decision to deny refugee status was mistaken.

So they did the honourable thing and reversed their decision.

The Benhmudas are now welcome to return to Canada.

But first they have to repay the government the $6,000 it cost to deport them.

That's the Canadian way.

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