Thursday, October 10, 2013

Falling Downs almost gets Nobel Prize for Literature!

OK, like one degree of separation!

That's as "almost" as almost gets.

I'm pretty sure I bought a high-chair at a yard sale she had back in the 80s.

And everybody in rural Ontario is tonight thanking Alice Munro for putting rural Ontario on the map.

The Nobel Prize map, no less.

But we're over it already.

And apparently before landing in Clinton our Nobel Prize winner took time out to be born in Wingham.

When I lived in Mildmay, I often made the 20 minute run to Wingham because their beer store was open an hour later.

Not that it ever happened to me, but the mere fact that people care when the beer store closes tells you that they're probably half in the bag already.

And then they have to rush to get there before it closes.

As a matter of public safety, liquor and beer stores should be open 24/7 all the time, just to avoid this menace.

But I don't want to let that quibble spoil the well-deserved honor that Alice Munro is enjoying tonight.


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