Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kerry still talking stupid on Afghanistan

While the buffoonery in Washington continues unabated, the business of running the world must go on, and John Kerry has been having a busy time of it.

Kerry is in Afghanistan this week working out the details of America's retreat with our bumboy Karzai. At issue is the question of how many American troops will remain in the country after all American troops are withdrawn next year.

Pentagon bigs want to make sure there's enough firepower left back to prop up Karzai for a decent interval. The optics of a Taliban takeover the day after America abandons ship would shake the faith of those several dozen Americans who still believe the twelve year Afghan mission served some useful purpose.

According to Kerry, he and Karzai are on the verge of a deal that will "put the Taliban on their heels."

The US and the NATO gang couldn't defeat the Taliban in twelve years of combat, but our leaving is going to put them on their heels.

That's what I mean by talking stupid.

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