Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to look nonchalant while schlepping 95 pounds of cocaine through the airport in your suitcase

What's wrong with this story?

First of all, 1.3 metric tonnes of cocaine in 30 suitcases works out to 30 100lb suitcases. How many folks do you know who can inconspicuously toss around a hundred pound suitcase?

Secondly, right there on the Air France website we are informed that the limit for one piece of checked baggage is 70 pounds, otherwise you need to call the air cargo department. That's a non-starter; a pallet of 30 packed suitcases is going to raise more than eyebrows...

Thirdly, in none of the pictures I've found about the biggest coke seizure in French history has there been anything shown that could plausibly be construed as 1.3 metric tonnes of cocaine.

So I'm thinking that Maduro fellow might be onto something.

This isn't a story.

It's a fabrication about an imaginary drug shipment, intended to smear Venezuela.

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