Friday, October 18, 2013

Big Steve stares down cheese lobby, inks trade deal with EU

The notoriously influential Canadian Cheese Producers Association suffered the worst setback in its history when PM Harper announced that he had signed a free trade deal with the EU.

That means Canada will soon be awash with cheap European cheeses, and the domestic producers, who employ dozens of people, mostly in Quebec, face an uncertain future.

The announcement came on the same day the Harper government revealed a pivot towards the consumer in the latest Throne Speech. Big Steve is betting his political fortunes on winning Canadians to his neoliberal agenda by saving them a few dollars a month on mobile roaming charges, unbundling their cable TV contracts, and of course allowing them to purchase European cheeses tariff free.

Well, that's at least three more benefits for Canadians than we got with NAFTA.

And while we look forward to saving a few pennies on our next purchase of Camembert, the marketing department here at Falling Downs has decided to shelve for the time being the pending IPO for our Stinkfoot Cheese brand.

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