Thursday, October 31, 2013

Toronto goes to hell!

Rob Ford is having his Marion Barry moment.

His TO base is apoplectic.

"We elected a fat cracker, not a goddam fat crackhead!"

I don't know how they missed the warning signs. All that time "helping" under-privileged black youth - hell, that shoulda been the tip-off right there! After all, when was all that "help" gonna turn into something more sinister?

Like smoking crack with under-privileged black youth?

There's certain things we expect from the middle-aged white dudes we elect to run our world. Alcoholism. Philandering. Maybe a line of coke once in awhile, as long as they don't inhale...

But smoking crack with black gangstas?

That is so far beyond the pale it ain't even funny.

Toronto is in turmoil tonight...

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