Saturday, February 7, 2015

Brian Williams off air for minor stretcher, while humongous whoppers go unchallenged

Why all this fuss about Brian Williams' embellishment of a story?

Here's why; it allows our corporate media to wrap themselves in the banner of "integrity." Yup, our media have so much integrity that even a harmless fish story such as the one Brian Williams told is a career ender.

Meanwhile, any number of well orchestrated massive lies are peddled as gospel truth by the same media. The economic recovery, Putin's plan for world domination, Israel's search for peace, America's war on terror... you could go on and on and on.

What we're supposed to conclude from this story is that our corporate media have such a commitment to truth-telling that not the slightest violation of the code of journalistic honour can be tolerated. Therefore, we're safe to believe everything we see on the corporate news...

What a crock of shit!

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