Thursday, February 19, 2015

Queen's University caves to Big Pharma, waves bye-bye to Academic Freedom

These days it is deemed headline worthy that six cases of measles have been discovered in Southern Ontario (pop. 9,000,000+).

When I was a kid in grade school, it was nothing if six kids in my class (pop. 28) got measles in the course of the school year.

In fact, pretty much everybody got measles or chicken pox or mumps somewhere in the course of their childhood. I had all three at one time or another, and I don't think that's anything unusual. Lots of kids had all three at one time or another.

Life went on.

Fast forward fifty years, and Queen's University has just deep-sixed adjunct professor Melody Torcolacci for spreading the heresy that vaccines may not be all that Big Pharma has cracked them up to be.

According to the story, one of Canada's most prestigious universities has taken this measure in response to the concerns of students upset by Professor Torcolacci's alleged dissemination of anti-vaccine propaganda.

Ya right!

Kind of reminds you of a certain Galileo chappie pilloried for spreading anti-Papist propaganda a few centuries ago.

I've had enough experience with post secondary education to know that university administrations don't give a shit for the sensitivities of their students, nor should they. That's a claim that rings false regardless in this case; university students in undergrad courses are preoccupied with planning their next kegger, not with expunging vaccine sceptics from the faculty.

Queen's University is banishing Professor Torcolacci because of pressure from vaccine manufacturers, not pressure from undergrads.

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