Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Casual encounters with Homeland Security

Here's a perfect example of mission creep.

Or maybe a perfect example of creeper missions.

Either way, you have to wonder if it's the place for the Department of Homeland Security.

As you recall, Homeland Security was invented round the time of the 9/11 attacks on the Homeland. Coincidentally, that was also around the time when anyone anywhere first began to refer to the USA as the "Homeland."

Before that it was just America.

"Homeland" always had a bit of a Reifenstahlian ring to it, at least to my ear. "Homeland" has a statist odor usually associated with totalitarian dictatorships of one stripe or another.

Let's circle the wagons and defend the Homeland!

The mandate for America's Department of Homeland Security is to keep America safe from internal threats. And God knows, that as the last bastion for freedom on this planet, and an open society to boot, lots of threats may have slipped in while America was busy watching the Super Bowl or something.

So what is Homeland Security doing these days to keep the Homeland safe?

According to this story, they're keeping America safe by posting bogus adverts on Canadian websites hinting that there may be under-age nooky available in the USA!

Sure enough, Kuldip Singh Mahal, a doomed schmuck from BC, sees the ad and takes the bait.

Now, I don't mean to raise the ire of the forces of political correctitude, but just looking at the guy's name, it seems to me he comes from one of those cultures where their concept of "age of consent" bears little or no resemblance to ours.

The dude is looking for a bride! Ya, he's 47, the potential bride is 12, but that's how they roll in some of those foreign cultures. Why is it our job to judge that?

More importantly, why has it become part of Homeland Security's mandate to entrap foreigners into fanciful child exploitation cases?

There is absolutely nothing about this case that contributes in any way to keeping America safe from the scourge of international terror.

Seems Homeland Security has strayed way beyond its original mandate.

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