Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cops, Indian Chiefs, and racist media hysteria

Six months ago it looked like the Harper gang had hit the mother-lode with their odious "First Nations Financial Transparency Act." Chief Ron Giesbrecht became the poster boy for alleged Native financial hanky-panky when headlines across the land proffered outrage over his near million dollar "salary."

Six months later we've got a much quieter headline; "Median Salary for a Chief is $60,000: Toronto Star." Putting that in perspective, it's a good 25% less than the income of an RCMP constable with three years experience.

Long story short, there was never much of a story here. The First Nations Financial Transparency Act, patronizingly foisted on our Native brothers and sisters for their own good, of course, was designed to put the Native population on the defensive and distract the electorate from the utterly shabby way the Harper government has handled the Aboriginal Affairs file.

Now that this non-issue has been put to rest, will the Harper gang get on with addressing the many life-and-death challenges facing Canada's Native population, or will Side-show Steve fabricate another diversion?

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