Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fahmy family lashes out at Canadian govt

Mohamed Fahmy's family in Canada has had some rude things to say about the Harper government's utter disinterest in the case.

Can't say I blame them.

Have to admit the think tank here at Falling Downs believed Baird was going to make Fahmy's release his swan song. Apparently five millions wasn't enough to seal the deal. After all, what's five million from Canada when Mad-Dog-Putin shows up a week later and puts a multi-billion nuclear energy program on the table?

Canada under the Harper gang has never missed an opportunity to poke Putin in the eye. Had we been but a tad more diplomatic in our "diplomacy," it's not hard to imagine Putin lobbying for the release of our Canadian journalist. (Interesting to read the comments for the NP article and see how many Canadians don't consider Fahmy a "Canadian.") The non-stop anti-Putin vitriol out of Ottawa for the last decade could give al-Sisi a motive to keep Fahmy just to suck up to Putin.

Ironically, at the time al-Sisi was deposing the democratically elected Morsi, he was getting nothing but accolades from Canadian media and the Harper gang. The praise was virtually universal.

And there he is today, holding hands with Putin.

Obviously we've had some shortcomings in the world 'o diplomacy...

As for the Fahmys, I understand their confusion. The Canada they thought they moved to when they arrived here twenty-five years ago isn't the Canada they live in today.

Sorry about your luck, folks, but you'll get more sympathy from the Egyptian embassy than from the government of Canada.

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