Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Welcome to Sextopia.

Sextopia is neither a Utopia nor a Dystopia; it is both.

It's a Utopia as long as you're on top. A Dystopia when you're being toppled.

Max Mosley knows this.

DSK knows this.

Bill Clinton knows this.

In the age of the cyber-panopticon, nothing is secret and nothing is sacred.

That which is concealed will be revealed.

That is the one certitude of our age.

That machine in your purse or your pocket

remembers every naughty selfie, every furtive search, every guilty moment.

Porn made the commercial internet possible, and the internet

made free porn inevitable.

It's everywhere now...

It's at your child's fingertips from the moment

you hand him his first iPhone.

From that moment on, there will be no secrets,

no surprises.

That machine will forward every lapse of judgement to the cloud.

There it will be duly archived and catalogued and stored for future reference.

And when your child announces his White House aspirations in forty years time,

those cloud archives will be duly reviewed and released as required.

After all, the nation built by Puritans for Puritans still believes in its

innate purity no matter how many terabytes of ass-grabbing skin-slapping

digital memories reside in the hands of the archivists.

Welcome to Sextopia.

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