Friday, February 13, 2015

US working hard to derail Ukraine cease-fire

Here's Sec of State underling Jen Psaki telling us why the Hollande-Merkel cease-fire is a sham.

America's puppet Poroshenko saw with his own eyes, even while he was at peace talks in Minsk, Russian tanks crossing into Ukraine.

As is routinely the case, no on-the-ground journalists nor any of the vaunted NATO satellite imagery were able to verify these claims.

But the US-installed Ukrainian oligarch "president" says so, so a thousand Western media outlets immediately report Poroshenko's fantasies as the "truth."

Support for the US-engineered coup was luke-warm in Ukraine a year ago, even when the odds of success were even.

Almost a year later, when Poroshenko's multiple attacks on the "terrorists" in the East have routinely failed, when conscripts to Poroshenko's "army" are fleeing to Russia by the tens of thousands to avoid the draft, we continue to be inundated by ignorant propaganda about "Russian aggression."

Ukraine is a deeply troubled country; troubled mostly by the fact that her own oligarchs have raped it into the ground, but troubled doubly by the Western interlopers who promise EU access while delivering nothing of the sort.

As Western cheerleaders promote more violence in Ukraine, isn't it time for Ukrainians to make up their own minds?

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