Thursday, February 5, 2015

Country music super-star Blake Shelton inks multi-million dollar contract to shill for Canadian sweat-shop giant Gildan

Canadian sweat-shop superstar Gildan has a new spokesperson, country music superstar Blake Shelton.

Gildan's sweatshops in Honduras, Haiti, and a dozen other third-world destinations employ over 30,000 lucky brown people to make T-shirts for starvation wages. According to Forbes, Shelton pulled in $23 millions last year, which is not too shabby. Mrs. Shelton, aka Miranda Lambert, is apparently doing OK in her own right.

Gildan is a big deal, and they also have a social conscience. Those "I can't breathe" Tees recently sported by a whole lot of your NBA bigs (also doing OK) were sourced from Gildan, according to The Washington Post, although the claim that Gildan pays $6/day seems to overstate Gildan's generosity by a wide margin.

Not doing OK are those tens of thousands of Gildan employees in the global south.

But at least they have something in common with $20 million per year NBA all-stars; they can't breathe either!

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