Friday, February 13, 2015

Top money launderers win exemption from Canadian money-laundering regs!

Truth be told, the only "money laundering" I have any personal acquaintance with happened when the Farm Manager put my Wranglers in the wash with a couple twenties in the pocket.

That German guy who got his money into the Canary Islands and then couldn't get it out has nothing to do with that new G63 Gelandewaggen you see parked in my driveway.

But what I do know for a fact is that money laundering can't happen without lawyers.

So the international money-laundering community won a major victory when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that lawyers were exempt from the regulations that oversee money laundering in Canada.

While people who have to live here know better, Canada still has the sheen of First-World correctitude about it, and our banks have top-drawer reputations.

Today's decision by the Supreme Court, (all lawyers by the way!) paves the way for Canada to become an international hub for money laundering.

I really missed the boat when I declined that offer of admission from U of T Law forty years ago...

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