Sunday, February 15, 2015

Egypt to annex Libya

Think about it.

Egypt; 80 million people, no oil resources.

Right next door, a mere five million people sitting on the greatest oil reserves in all Africa, at least it will be after those fanciful Nigeria numbers ever get a proper audit. And what are those Libyans doing with that oil bonanza?

Why nothing! In fact, since the Nations of Virtue gifted them the precious gift of freedom a couple years back, all they been doing is running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, trying to cut off each others heads!

Not only that, but now you got your IS types mixed up in the mayhem, and by golly, they be choppin' heads too!

Now think big picture...

Our boy al-Sisi could do us a big favour and impose law and order on Libya, which has become nothing more than a breeding ground for extremism since we freed them from their evil dictator. Not only that, but he could save all that oil at the same time!


And after those whacko long-beards of IS lopped off the heads of the last 21 Egyptian Christians the other day, the entire Western world will be cheer-leading for al-Sisi!

Not only that, but this fits hand-in-glove with the plan afoot to rebuild Gaza in "Western Gaza," ie Egypt!

This is a win-win and win again, folks!

Israel finally gets rid of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians get their own country.

What Egypt loses in the Sinai to the new Palestinian State they more than make up with the annexation of Libya.

Plus, they get the oil reserves!

I think we got us a winner!....

And by the way, in case the beltway boys get cold feet about this bold plan, did you notice Putin was sniffing around in Cairo the other day?

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