Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Three Jews murdered in dispute over parking space

If we saw such a headline, we would automatically assume "anti-Semitism." (Unless of course it was three reform Jews murdered by an Ultra-Orthodox Jew, in which case we'd only be surprised that an Ultra-Orthodox Jew needed a parking space.)

But when three Muslims are murdered, we indulge a debate over whether this was a case of "Islamophobia," or whether it was about a parking space.

Meanwhile, Obama is angling for a little more leeway for putting at least a few special ops boots on Muslim ground in the interest of fighting terrorism in its latest mutation as Islamic State.

They hate us for our parking spaces, and if we don't deal with them in Iraq and Syria today, we'll be fighting them off in shopping mall parking lots from Seattle to Sarasota and from Boston to Santa Barbara tomorrow...

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